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Leopard offer a full PaaS (process as a service) solution for quick start projects where agility and meeting aggressive deadlines are the key to success.

At Leopard partners we have a range of core values that underpin all we do.  We believe in ethical conduct at all times. This means we won't turn a blind eye to issues that need addressing but will bring them to your attention and help resolve them.  We believe in sustainable business. This means ensuring that we build in long term plans alongside your strategic quick wins and securing genuine business benefit to our involvement.  We also believe in collaborative working. This means clear and regular communication and listening to those with wisdom not just those with information.  If these values sit well with you then we would like to hear from you to explore how we could do business together.  Please contact barrie.humphries@leopardpartners.eu

Leopard will deliver solutions to meet the demands of your business.  We have a broad range of experience across sectors, industries and software.  To see how we could provide a solution for your company.

We work with a range of software providers and subject matter experts to provide the best for your company but most importantly we collaborate closely with you to ensure the best solution is delivered for your organisation.

Leopard is a partnership not just in name but also action.  We have partners at both delivery and solution level.  These are active relationships that we ensure work for our customers.